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 "Billy is an enthusiastic and motivated trainee who is empowering his knowledge and skills by taking a 2nd undergraduate degree in order to become an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon.  During his training, he has taken part in teaching in surgical skills course for Core Trainees in the whole of Greater London.  Many candidates found his teaching style encouraging and inspiring.  I will have not hesitation to involve him in my future courses."

Dr. Leo Cheng - Consultant Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, Head and Neck Surgeon, Barts Health & Homerton University Hospital


“Billy is a superb teacher. He is confident, enthusiastic, energetic and knowledgeable! 10 out of 10!”

Dr. Tom Cosker - Consultant Surgeon and Director of Anatomy, University of Oxford

"I know Billy in my capacity as Academic Manager of the Dissecting Rooms at the Guy's campus of King's Collage London, where he was employed as an Anatomy Demonstrator from August 2013 until May 2014. He gave demonstrations and tutorials, and assisted in conducting viva examinations of students. In the time that Billy was with us, I cam to value him as a most reliable and competent demonstrator."

Dr. Alistair Hunter - Senior Anatomy Lecturer, King's College London

“Billy was a student at Bedford Modern several years ago and left us to go to Medical School. However, he has never forgotten us and returns each year to talk to year 12 students from both our school and many other schools in the area on our careers day. He enthuses them with his passion for Medicine. He has also visited with his Colleagues to give, on one memorable occasion instruction to keen students on how to suture using materials supplied by the Royal College of Surgeons. Finally, he recently set some essay titles and then marked the resultant essays as part of our school's medical scholarship which we award to one student a year. Those of us who have known Billy for many years admire enormously the passionate and dedicated young doctor he has become. We would recommend him to you without hesitation.”

David Jenkins - Medical Careers Advisor, Bedford Modern School

"Billy was instrumental in supporting myself and my colleagues as we started our new jobs in Plastic Surgery. I knew I could always turn to him for advice when needed. He is both diligent and highly committed to a future career in Surgery. I continue to source his advice ad hoc to develop my own surgical career."

Mr. Mo Atif - Doctor, Academic Clinical Fellow in General Surgery, University of Birmingham

"I have worked with Billy for the past four months in the Oral & Maxillofacial surgery team. I think I have yet to meet someone who has achieved so much yet remains as down-to-earth as Billy. He is passionate about his work and even more passionate about teaching and supporting his juniors. Whether in the operating theatre, clinic or whilst on-call, Billy has always remained very clear and knowledgeable in his explanations, and never patronising. As his junior, Billy's continuous encouragement and enthusiasm has been a constant motivator in my own work ethic and morale. He is also a gifted artist and has a penchant for dressing extremely well on a daily basis. Thank you Billy, for your mentorship and especially for your friendship!"

Dr. Shobhit Saxena - Doctor (OMFS Surgical Trainee) and Second Degree Dental Student, King's College London

“Billy is an exceptionally talented person and combines this with an enviable work ethic. Before gaining my specialty training Billy spent time and effort to mentor me and prepare me for the competitive process ahead - for which I am very grateful!!"

Dr. Ziyaad - Doctor, London

"Billy was a great role model whilst I was in my junior years as a doctor. He helped me throughout my year in Colchester and was a great team player. Billy has not only become a great surgeon, but he is still as modest as he was years ago. He has been a great friend since my foundation years."

Dr. Kunal Patel - Doctor, Radiology Registrar, Brighton

“I worked with Billy as his junior colleague. Billy was always keen to teach his juniors who were new to the specialty. I particularly enjoyed his teaching style where he would initially explore relevant basic anatomical or scientific knowledge with diagrams to build the bigger picture of the clinical condition or spectrum of disease. This is not always possible in a busy clinical setting but Billy never lost his enthusiasm."

Dr. Christina Lim - Doctor, Ophthalmology ST1

“I do believe not anyone can be a mentor and a lecturer. It needs a certain skill. I have worked with Dr Billy and I saw such abilities in him from the first day.”

Dr. Ahmed Elsafi - Doctor, John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford

 "Billy has been responsible for the induction and mentoring of a number of groups of foundation doctors. He has a talent for motivating and nurturing juniors who are finding their feet in a new department. His professional approach is matched by humorous attitude which brings the team together. I would feel much happier joining any team with the help of a mentor like Billy."

Dr. Mark Bundy - Dentist (Dental Core Trainee), John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford

“Over the past two years Billy has been an excellent mentor for myself. His knowledge, enthusiasm and perseverance are second to none in terms of applications to higher education. He is a well rounded individual and I have no doubt he will guide you in the appropriate manor to obtain a seat in the course of your choice. Highly recommended!”

Dr. Amit Dattani - Dentist and Current Medical Student, Birmingham University

“Very few teachers can inspire their students in the same way that Billy does. Combining a passion for his work with an artistic flair, Billy makes difficult concepts suddenly become so easy. It was a real privilege to have Billy as a teacher during his time at KCL and helped me so much during my studies. I couldn’t recommend anyone better to have as a guide and a mentor.”

Jon Mok - Medical Student, King's College London

“Billy has an excellent style of teaching. He is enthusiastic about what he teaches and is able to communicate in a logical and coherent manner. I would highly recommend him as a tutor in the future and would be privileged to be taught by him.”

Akhilesh Pradhan - Medical Student, King’s College London

 “Billy is a fantastic tutor. Over the past 3 years of medical school I have learnt a great deal from Billy covering a number of topics both technical and practical. He has always displayed an excellent understanding of the background topic and he is able to explain difficult concepts clearly. As president of the surgical society, Billy is the first person I contact when I am in need of a tutor and, as a developing teacher myself, I consider Billy a fantastic role model who delivers his teaching with infectious enthusiasm.”

Alistair Reed - Medical Student, University of Oxford

"My colleagues and I received several anatomy tutorials from Mr Leung at the John Radcliffe Hospital. These were provided by Mr Leung during our rotation in plastic surgery and organised outside of any formal requirements. We found them not only to be extremely valuable but also engaging and we always left feeling much more confident in the subject area. We received meaningful feedback during these sessions and also had ample opportunity to ask questions about any areas we wanted to explore further in more detail or which we were unsure about. During our rotation, Mr Leung was also very proactive about getting us involved in ward rounds and in operations and would teach us a lot during the ward rounds and guide us every morning to the most appropriate theatres so that we could gain the most out of them. I found my surgical rotation particularly inspiring thanks to his guidance. Finally, I am also very grateful for his mentoring in regards to my medical career, and I received helpful information and direction about what I should be doing and what I should do in the future. His advice was highly personalised and I feel that it will be extremely useful for me as I progress onto being a doctor."

Masanori Watanabe - Medical Student, University of Oxford

“Billy is an excellent surgeon who is equally as fantastic in giving career advice for juniors like myself. He is passionate in his endeavours, like this current venture, and I have no doubt that potential international applicants, like myself, can finally look up to someone and widen their horizons to overseas medical schools. I wish him the best of luck.”

Michael Ahn - Medical Student, University of Southampton

“Incredibly approachable and lovely teacher. Is willing to help with any subject and has been very supportive.”

Raisa Ramjan - Medical Student, University of East Anglia (UEA)

 “Billy was my anatomy demonstrator in my 2nd year of medicine. His teaching was brilliant, having had other demonstrators to compare to I would say that Billy in particular took time for each student personally. He was ready to answer any questions we would have had, and if it was something more obscure he would have us the answer by the next session. He gave us plenty of detailed notes after sessions as well, in particular his diagrams describing nerve pathways proved to be an extremely valuable resource when it came to exam time. Billy also taught at a pace that suited us all, while still managing to cover all the topics required. He would take time to go back and recap if he felt we didn't completely grasp a certain subject either. I wish him all the best in his future endeavours!”

Arjun Desai - Medical Student, King’s College London

“Billy taught me anatomy for a year and I went from finding it very difficult to understand, to enjoying it from just his first class. His medical knowledge along with his incredible art work, makes anatomy fun and easy to understand. He dedicates a lot of time into helping students and is happy to listen and answer any questions that anyone has. His constant questions from previous anatomy classes allowed to keep remembering anatomy, whilst also learning more. Great tutor!!"

Marina Kamil - Medical Student, King's College London

"Billy very generously gave up his time to provide OSCE teaching to me and several of my peers (medical students), as part of an OSCE circuit. I am especially grateful to him for his constructive feedback and can confidently say his contribution was very helpful in ensuring we carry out good clinical examinations."

Cassim Akhoon - Medical Student, King's Collage London

“Billy was my second year anatomy demonstrator. He guided my small group through the anatomy of the limbs and head. His approach to anatomy teaching was refreshing and aided in the quick absorption of knowledge in a field where it is easy to get bogged down by detail. He approached his dissection sessions in a clear and logical manner. What truly set Billy's teaching apart from others was his brilliant drawing skills. His intricate sketchbook drawings bore each region down in an easy to understand way yet still retained a significant amount of detail. In contrast, his quick drawings on the whiteboard were simple but would highlight a specific teaching point. I regret not taking photos of many of his upper limb drawings. I was also fortunate enough to work with Billy on drawing worksop for medics where he taught his approach to drawing anatomy for learning purposes. The feedback from the students was stellar."

Michael Morgan - Medical Student, King's College London

 “I spent a week on work experience at the John Radcliffe hospital with Billy. Throughout the whole week he gave me great advice, as well as helping me to understand all of the medical procedures I saw, as well as helping me to work new things out for myself. He is a truly wonderful doctor who put a hundred percent into helping me with my work experience giving me as many opportunities as possible and the best week.”

Alice Yates - A-Level Student, Bedford Modern School

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